Monday, September 23, 2013

Pictures have been completed

Yep and I'm only 3-4 months behind but I got them done!  And they even got printed!  I know, I know, you're all gasping...

Things around here are never going to slow down so I've come to accept the fact that I will forever be crazy busy doesn't matter what I do, it's life.

Emma went to the Tsunami swim team try outs and made it on the team so she's done with gymnastics for now, Maycee is still tumbling her little heart out and Wyatt and Liv are along for the ride.  Wyatt is going to start his extra activities soon, just don't know where to channel his all boyhood energy!

School is in full swing and they love it for the most part!  Emma is doing really well in her Spectrum class and Maycee was asked to participate in the SEM class once a week for her language arts.  Maycee has become our little computer technician and loves to be on the computer.  Wyatt is loving preschool and has experienced daily searches as he heads out the door to make sure all "weapons" are left at home.  And he's sneaked some past and Miss Cynthia has experienced the ninja aka Wyatt.

He got in the car last week with a stick and a star glued to the top.  I asked what it was and he said it was his magic wand.  Shortly after I hear a rip and Wyatt has informed me that he ripped the magic wand because he doesn't want the magic want he would rather have the stick/weapon, It is much cooler!  Heaven help us all...

Things are cooling off a bit outside and while it's nice to have the cool evenings to let the house cool down, I am sad to see the warm weather go, not looking forward to winter...BLAH!

A few months ago we had the Jay Spencer family pictures done.

I just did Emma's and Wyatt's yearly pictures this weekend.  I have the cutest kids ever!!

We also had our family pictures taken and they turned out pretty good.

Till next time!

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day 2013

Supplies in hand, new clothes from head to foot, they are ready to go!

I can't believe that Emma is in 5th grade and Maycee is in 3rd grade!  They are so excited to start new years and learn new things.  Wyatt is continuing preschool at Miss Cynthia, where both Emma and Maycee went before Kindergarten.

Emma was placed into the Spectrum class for fifth grade.  It is the advanced learners class.  I am excited for her to be challenged a little more.  She is quite far ahead of her other peers in her class and while she would always help others in her class I want her to be challenged a little more.  She is reading on about a 10th grade level or more and can read well over 250 words a minute.  She finishes books way faster than I can afford to keep her supplied with!

Maycee has Mr. Whitten for the year, same as Emma had.  He is pretty laid back and relaxed which was fine with Emma but Maycee requires a little more structure so we will see how she does.  She is a smart girl too but doesn't like school like her sister and has to be pushed a little more to do what she needs. She is excited for 3rd grade however!

Wyatt didn't want to be left out this morning and he missed his sisters sooooo much and was way too bored with mom this morning.  I didn't realize just how much the girls kept him busy throughout the day until they weren't there anymore.  He is excited to start preschool again next week.  We have orientation on Thursday!  He is growing up into such a handsome young man!  And he is a little firecracker!  So much energy, just need to figure out how to channel it...

Miss Livvy is just along for the ride!  She is starting to show her own little independence and I love it!  She did not want to take pictures this morning!  She is so laid back and such a good girl!  I love her to death!

Brad and I are continuing to work, both of us full time.  Brad is finishing up the sidewalk replacement on South Temple at Temple Square downtown and I am still at Lakeview Hospital.  I split my time there now between the Geriatric Psych unit and the Medical Unit and am really liking it.  I'm getting some great experience as a nurse there.  I have one more class for my BSN and then school is done for me.  Maybe I can convince Brad to go back and finish...

We are chugging along with life, it's busy, busy!
Til next time!  

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Boy is 4

It was Wyatts 4th Birthday this year.  He has been so excited for his birthday that he has been asking how many more days since about March when it was his sisters birthday.  So when the days finally arrived it may have been a little melodramatic for him but I think he still had a good couple of days!

We celebrated with family on Sunday the 16th, which also happened to be fathers day but we mostly celebrated Wyatt.

Then his real Birthday was Monday the 17th but mom had to work all day so he spent the day with the sitter and his sisters playing outside, which I am sure he loved anyway.  Then on Tuesday the 18th he had a friend pool party in the backyard.  He invited some of his friends over and cousins and played in the pool for a couple of hours.  Everyone seemed to have a fun time.  I have decided that summer birthday parties are so much easier than winter ones. 

Preschool Semi-Grad

Wyatt had a little preschool end of year program for his first year of preschool.  They are so cute and have so much energy!  Preschool teachers are saints, even if they only have them for a couple hours a day-that is plenty!  Wyatt loved Miss Tammy and loved going to preschool this year.

They had a little program that showed off all their songs they learned this year and each one got to be the "leader" of the song.  Then they let balloons go outside and watched them fly away.  He is going to miss Miss Tammy but I'm sure he will love preschool just as much next year!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maycee's Eighth Year

I finally got Maycee's pictures taken for her 8th maybe I'll get Emma's done before the end of the summer..and Wyatts for that matter!
Love her bright blue eyes!

No more crooked smile--Kinda miss her crooked smile

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oh I'm so far behind!

So yes I am the biggest slacker in the world when it concerns updating the few readers who actually look at it, but for my own journaling and history I really need to be better, because basically it's all I got.  Someday my goal is to do my children's scrapbooks and when that day comes this is my guide for what needs to go in it.  So where to start...

Maycee's Birthday

Maycee turned 8 years old this year!  It's a pretty big birthday.  Maycee is quite the girl!  If you want to know how it is-nothing held back-she's the gal to go to-she will tell you how it is straight up.  I cringe every time she opens her mouth for fear what is going to come out of it.  And then I pray like mad that the receiving person to her comments is not going to be offended!!  But we love her none the less and I can always count on her to tell me when I look bad...

My kids have just about everything a child can ask for so for them to decide what they want for their birthdays is quite the feat!

I haven't gotten around to getting their yearly pictures done yet so they will be coming soon--hopefully!

Emma's Birthday

Miss Em turned 10!  I can't believe my oldest child is ten years old!  I am so freaking excited for the day that she can stay home and tend the other three while I go run errands or go out with Brad!  We are counting the days!  She LOVES babies and she loves her baby sister a lot!  She is the best help and I don't know what I'd do without her.

We had family dinner for each of their birthdays as it the tradition.  This year was the year off of friend parties--it was so nice not to have to worry about it! 

Spring Break

For Spring Break this year I wanted to take the kids somewhere-Just us.  Brad and I have been married 11 years in August and have never taken the kids on a vacation with just our family-it's always been with the parents or someone in the extended family.  So I decided on St. George.  I booked us a hotel room and we drove down for the weekend.  It wasn't anything super exciting or special but the time with just the six of us and with no particular agenda was awesome!!  It was just what I needed!  We went to Zions for a few hours and hiked an easy hike to the emerald pools.  Colby and Trisha (brad's brother and sister in law) came with us.  It was fun to see them for a bit!  The kids had the best time in the pool at the hotel and were really good for most the trip.  It was fun to just be a family for a few days.

My kids are all little fish-none as bad as Emma but they all LOVE the water!  We are warm climate people and this Utah weather stinks big time!  
On the way down to St. George

Our Hike at Zions to Emerald Pools

Maycee's Baptism

It was Maycee's turn to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on April 13.  She chose to have her uncle Trevor Baptize her and her Grandpa Spencer confirm her.  It was a pretty special day for her.

We celebrated with family at our house after for Brads 32nd birthday!!

In between all this fun we have remodeled our kitchen, the floor and cabinets and countertops are all brand spankin new!  It's not quite done yet-crown goes up tonight hopefully!  I will post pictures soon.

It's busy busy round these parts!  Til next time...