Monday, September 23, 2013

Pictures have been completed

Yep and I'm only 3-4 months behind but I got them done!  And they even got printed!  I know, I know, you're all gasping...

Things around here are never going to slow down so I've come to accept the fact that I will forever be crazy busy doesn't matter what I do, it's life.

Emma went to the Tsunami swim team try outs and made it on the team so she's done with gymnastics for now, Maycee is still tumbling her little heart out and Wyatt and Liv are along for the ride.  Wyatt is going to start his extra activities soon, just don't know where to channel his all boyhood energy!

School is in full swing and they love it for the most part!  Emma is doing really well in her Spectrum class and Maycee was asked to participate in the SEM class once a week for her language arts.  Maycee has become our little computer technician and loves to be on the computer.  Wyatt is loving preschool and has experienced daily searches as he heads out the door to make sure all "weapons" are left at home.  And he's sneaked some past and Miss Cynthia has experienced the ninja aka Wyatt.

He got in the car last week with a stick and a star glued to the top.  I asked what it was and he said it was his magic wand.  Shortly after I hear a rip and Wyatt has informed me that he ripped the magic wand because he doesn't want the magic want he would rather have the stick/weapon, It is much cooler!  Heaven help us all...

Things are cooling off a bit outside and while it's nice to have the cool evenings to let the house cool down, I am sad to see the warm weather go, not looking forward to winter...BLAH!

A few months ago we had the Jay Spencer family pictures done.

I just did Emma's and Wyatt's yearly pictures this weekend.  I have the cutest kids ever!!

We also had our family pictures taken and they turned out pretty good.

Till next time!

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